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When Palliyaguruge was first established in 1988, it had far to go to become the success it is today. The journey was as unique as our jewellery.


Mr. Dayathissa Palliyaguruge is the man who began Palliyaguruge Jewellers, or D Palliyaguruge Jewellers as it was previously known. The company was then handed down to his two sons, Mr. Chamil Palliyaguruge and Mr. Malith Palliyaguruge, who continue to uphold the exemplary jewellery products of Palliyaguruge Jewellers


Over the years, Palliyaguruge Jewellers have gone from strength to strength to become one of the most sought after names in the Jewellery industry. Specializing in a rich and diverse variety of jewellery products and providing customers with carefully curated jewellery services to care for their products, we ensure that each experience with us is as sparkling as our jewellery.


At Palliyaguruge Jewellers, we are dedicated to creating elegant, beautiful jewellery for every occasion. We aspire to emerge as the paramount leaders in the jewellery industry on a local and international level.


To become a nonpareil in the design and creation of exquisitely unique pieces of jewellery, all of which are expertly crafted by our capable hands. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with excellent service and jewellery that will stand the very test of time. In the 30 years since the inception of the Palliyaguruge Jewellers, we have been committed to excellence in terms of jewellery design and alternate services, likewise we shall remain dedicated to our promise to become the very best at what we do.

Our Milestones


Moved to a New Building & 30th Anniversary

Shifted to a New Building & 30th Anniversary

The Athurugiriya Showroom shifted to a new building, owned by the company itself.

Palliyaguruge Jewellers celebrated its 30th Anniversary in August this year.


Began Foreign Export

We began exporting to the foreign market with our gem business


Moved to New Building

We shifted to our own building in Thalangama


A New Outlet

A new outlet for Pawning and Jewellery Services opened in Thalangama.


Jewellery Manufacturing

The second son joined the business.

The business commenced Jewellery manufacturing after opening its own workshop.


New Branch Opening

The first son joined the business.

A new branch opened in Thalangama, Koswatte


Journey Begins

Mr. Dayathissa Palliyaguruge began the company after 25 years of experience in a leading Jewellery company in Sri Lanka.

Initially the business dealt with pawning services expanding to jewellery afterwards.

The first outlet opened in Athurugiriya Town.